Falling Into a Deep Dream with Beautiful Cushions

Coming Soon to Beautiful Cusions is a Version of a new style of Art. Googles Deep Dream Software will be applied to some of our Art and Cushion Range. Currently circulating the interwebs are the Uber weird Dog and animal images  We won't scare the pants off you with that We are developing our own image sets. Want to know more about this amazing software.Read article below And when we have ironed out the bugs and ready to show our customers what we are capable of we will let you know. Till then Happy Decorating.


Google's research arm, Google X, has been working for years now on an ambitious artificial intelligence project first dubbed the "Google Brain", using "artificial neural networks" that resemble the kinds of neural pathways seen in the human brain.

Now, we've had a chance to explore inside that brain – and it's weird. I mean, seriously weird.

Google researchers recently published a look at the project's image recognition technology, and found some strange results when they flipped the algorithms on their head.

Instead of analysing a photograph to determine what was in it, they used the neural network to amplify what it thought it was seeing and translate it into a brand new image.

It's called "DeepDream", and the results are, well...
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/googles-surreal-deepdream-image-algorithm-goes-viral-20150709-gi8e1x.html#ixzz3ffN0JNn5