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About Us

Welcome to

We offer one of the largest collection of plain cushion colours on the interweb. Currently over 450 colours and growing daily. We also offer unique designs created by the team at Beautiful Cushions.

We just love Cushions and we have customers who agree Worldwide. If there is a colour we don't provide yet just drop us an email or tweet us with the colour and we will add it to our range within 24 hours.

 Unlike traditional cushion companies, all of our cushions are manufactured through Redbubble an Australian  Print on Demand Company  who will make your cushion, usually within 48 hours, and dispatch it to you wherever you may be. Maufacturing our cushions this way allows for us to offer hundreds of colours rather than the normal 8-12 plain colours that most cushion companies offer.

We also have some of our Duvet and Outdoor Cushions manufactured by another Print on Demand Company Society6.

Currently we don't list our Outdoor Cushions on the beautiful cushions website. To have any colour or design manufactured as an Outdoor Cushion just contact us and we will email you back within 24 hours with a link to your chosen design or colour. 

Due to our non traditional manufacturing arragement we can also create custom designs for you and have them available to purchase within 48 hous. Imagine walking into a Home Decor Big Box Store and telling them you want a certain colour palette and them being able to provide it for you. It just doesn't happen that way. You are expected to purchase "On Trend " Colours and Designs. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to making your space a home. At beautiful cushions we knows this and provide designs that you may never see in shops because they are having to deal with what their Store Buyers say are the latest Fashion

We don't care what is the latest fad or fashion . We only care about what YOU, our customers want.

So no matter what colour palette you are after we are sure to have it in our range of cushions.

At Beautiful Cushions we soften your world.