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Falling Into a Deep Dream with Beautiful Cushions

Coming Soon to Beautiful Cusions is a Version of a new style of Art. Googles Deep Dream Software will be applied to some of our Art and Cushion Range. Currently circulating the interwebs are the Uber weird Dog and animal images  We won't scare the pants off you with that We are developing our own image sets. Want to know more about this amazing software.Read article below And when we have ironed out the bugs and ready to show our customers what we are capable of we will let you know. Till then Happy Decorating.


Your House As A Painting: What Art Can Teach You About Decorating Your Home


One of the most important, most fundamental – and most overlooked – aspects of painting is an appreciation of the frame. This does not refer to the wooden strips that a picture is “framed” in, in order to hang it up; but, rather, it refers to the relationship between the body of the painting and the area beyond its edges. Every artist makes the conscious decision to end his or her painting somewhere, to mark off a small area in which to create his or his art, to limit the scope of the painting and separate it from the rest of the world.

How good Television can influence your Lounge Room Colours.

It has finally arrived in Australia "Netflix", For far too long we were all in the good tv wilderness. Either having to watch Reality show after Reality show with a redonkulous amount of advertising in between Or hoping the ABC or Sbs had the budget to continue to offer the best in Australian or overseas programming. Is it any wonder that Australians are the biggest Pirates per capita in the world !